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We believe...

"An ideal website solution should include a professional design that is simple to navigate, contains concise information, and has a clear call-to-action."

Professional Design

The overall design, color scheme, and white space should reflect the business.

Simple to Navigate

Keep the navigation menus simple and easy to interpret.

Concise Information

Introductory content should be short and simple but still allow visitors to access in-depth information when desired.


Have a prominent call-to-action that guides visitors toward what you want them to do.

Why should you strive for a strong presence online?

Nearly 80% of the US population is online and in future years, the Internet will become even more deeply embedded in everyday life.

Dependency on the Internet has increased from 108 million in the year 2000 to nearly 300 million today.

More than 91% of Americans own mobile phones and dependency to use mobile devices to locate businesses continue to increase.

More than 72% of online adults use social networking sites and they spend 20% to 25% of their day doing so.


EJ Media strives to satisfy clientele with web and consultation services that boost online success. We understand that every business is unique and deserves special attention and a custom plan is created for every project based on unique goals and products/services offered.

The most common web development services we provide include customization of a WordPress customization and custom web development. Select from the following for detailed information of each:

Custom Web Development

Custom development services deliver a complete solution from the ground up, including future updates and ongoing management of your website. Finalized projects reflect a unique one-of-a-kind web presence specially created for your business or organization.

Key services provided include:

  • Domain registration & hosting
  • Concept design and implementation
  • Custom programming
  • Graphic creation/editing
  • Database integration

WordPress Personalization

WordPress solutions have become a common choice where a professional web solution is desired on a small to medium budget. What once was considered to be a simple blogging tool has grown to support both personal and professional web solutions world-wide.

The most appreciated trait of WordPress is it enables business owners to update content on their own.

WordPress has become well known world-wide for providing:

  • Personalization options
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Enhancements using 3rd party add-ons/plugins
  • Affordability (WordPress is FREE open source software)
  • Build-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Landing Page Creation

The definition of a "landing page" varies but we think of it as a single page that exists solely to acheive a single goal. That goal may be to convince visitors to place an order, submit their contact information, or to call a phone number. In the most basic sense, the page provides short and concise information to intrigue visitors enough that they inquire for more information or place an order.

In general, landing pages are created to promote a single product or service. That said, if your business currently does not have a presence online along with a minimal budget to invest, a short and concise landing page is better than not having any web presence at all.

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WordPress Personalization


Custom Web Dev


Custom Web Dev

TGZ Net. Solutions

Landing Page

Pop's Aromas

Custom Web Dev

DeSart Doc. Svc.

Custom Web Dev

First Click Ads

Custom Web Dev


Custom Web Dev

Friday's with Marnie

Custom Web Dev

Rolling Shutters

Custom Web Dev

One Call NWA

Custom Web Dev


Custom Web Dev


Time and cost for web development varies immensely and it's impossible to answer the question "How much is a website?" without first understanding goals and expectations. While a rough estimate can be given, the question is comparable to "How much is a car?"

To provide clients with an estimate that accurately estimates time and cost involved in developing a website, we need answers to questions such as...

Connect with potential customers? Online sales? Build a subscription service?
Projected goals, marketing specifics, social media, etc.
Web page additions, text/image updates to existing pages, etc.

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